Pegasus Technologies provides the right mix of products and services.   Our business partners rest easy, knowing that their IT demands are fully met.

The list below describes our latest product and service offerings:



Supporting Microsoft Windows operating systems and technologies for workstations and servers is what we do best.

With a reputation for responsiveness, we recognize that downtime means "no business" for our clients, therefore we structure our business to ensure that we are there for you when you need us most.

We provide flexible service options that are tailored specifically for your business.


If you are after accurate diagnosis and timely repair of your PC problems, then look no further! Pegasus Technologies finds and fixes the problems that others fail to pinpoint.

There is no guesswork with us. We use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately zoom in on annoying problems.


When critical data is trapped on failed media (harddrives, disks, tapes, etc), our clients are relieved to know that all is not lost. We offer a comprehensive array of data recovery options, ranging from data file retrieval to clean room services.

With our phenomenal success rate, if we are unable to get to your data, then no one else can!

In addition to our own strong brand of computer workstations and servers, Pegasus Technologies offers the convenience of system rentals for short and long terms activities, whether you are looking for laptops, desktops or servers. Business owners now have flexible options to meet their budgets and business needs.

Our name brand PCs are the bedrock for many successful businesses. Our systems have been carefully designed and manufactured with technology excellence in mind. Only the best components are used! Consequently, our systems just, plain and simple, work!


You should never leave the design and installation of your network infrastructure to chance. A simple kink or deformed cable jacket can cause unexplained network failures and annoyances resulting in data loss. Why trust such a critical asset to novices? Would you trust your GP to perform heart surgery on you or would you prefer to call on your heart specialist?

Why then, would you think any different when it comes to your critical network infrastructure: the one that you rely on to transport your data securely and error-free.

Pegasus Technologies has been designing and installing structured cabling solutions for over 6 years in full conformance with industry (TIA/EIA) standards.

We have successfully used standalone and hybrid solutions that include Fiber Optics, Wireless and copper   technologies.


As an authorized dealer for Liebert UPS systems, you can be assured that we can find the right solution for your power security requirements.


We carry a wide range of networking and computer parts. From a blank CD to a Cisco Router.

The list does not stop here but includes software, and security appliances. If we do not have what you want in stock our logistics are so fine-tuned that most items can be delivered to you within 10 working days.