As an Information Technology leader serving small to medium sized businesses within Antigua & Barbuda and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) territory , you can count on us for all your IT needs: be it solutions, products or support.

In these micro-economies where small businesses are under threat of being steam-rolled by larger business entities in a globalised world, Pegasus Technologies is the partner your company needs to add the winning and competitive edge.

Why partner with Pegasus Technologies?

Our clients are able to leverage our industry leadership and know-how in ways that realize very creative and timely IT solutions to their business challenges.

Incorporated in 1999, Pegasus Technologies is experienced in designing, implementing and maintaining secure network infrastructures based on leading product manufacturers.

When one considers our expertise, service offerings and product range, it becomes immediately obvious that Pegasus Technologies offers the unique proposition of being your one-stop service provider. Everything you need in one place!

You can trust us to keep your organisation working smarter and your IT systems running longer.


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