Pegasus Technologies Inc was incorporated under the laws of Antigua & Barbuda since 1999. It provides Information Technology (IT) support, solutions and products.

It caters to the small to medium sized business community with special focus on the travel, hospitality, leisure boat and legal sectors.

Its' Managing Director Yves Ephraim, has spent over 20 years in the Electronics, Data Communications and Computer Technology industries.

He was a pioneer in the development of the Antigua-Barbuda internet infrastructure that drove the early success of the Offshore Internet Gaming community on Antigua & Barbuda.









Our corporate office is located at:

45 North Street
St. John's, Antigua

Your may contact us using any of the following methods:

By mail:
Pegasus Technologies Inc
P.O. Box 1546
St. John's, Antigua


268 562 2326

268 562 3832